The Eyes Of the Heart Institute

Rediscovery of The-HEART

The Discovery Bible


The-Final-Harvest Will Be Led By The-Chosen


We Can ONLY Shine Bright When We Are Focused On The-Light Shining In Jesus'-Face.



The LORD Says, "Stand and SEE . . . ASK for The-Ancient-Path . . . 

WALK In It . . . You Will FIND Rest for Your-Soul."

(Jer. 6:16)


The-Ancient-Path can only be seen with "The Eyes of The-HEART."


In order to Stand and SEE . . . 

The Rediscovery of The-HEART starts where The-Father starts. 


The-Father-God Defines "The-Ancient-Path" By Revealing "The-Eyes of The-HEART"

The Language of The-HEART is Visual-Images


The-Son Used The-SAME-Vocabulary


Oswald Chambers Declares


C. S Lewis Walked On The-Ancient-Path


 Moody's former pastor "Nailed" Powerless Preaching Without Images

Wiersbe's confession says it all.

"We have analyzed the Bible to death."

"I got weary of bringing skeletons into the pulpit and producing cadavers in the pews."


The Rediscovery of The-HEART Exposes The-Problem

As a result, we have failed to recognize The-Father's Life-Changing-Question for centuries . . . 


"Why Are You Seeking The-Living Among The-Dead?" (Lk 24:5-6)

Clearly The-Father wants the "Eyes of Our-HEARTS" Focused On . . . 

 Seeing Jesus 

Crowned With Glory and Honor!



Seeing Jesus ALIVE becomes much easier

when we realize that The-Holy Scriptures are . . . 


The Hebrew and Greek Action-Images that create The-Scenes

Can NOW be Read, Seen and Experienced . . . 

In English

Without Even KNOWING A Single Letter Of  Hebrew And Greek. 



No Translation . . . No Bible-Study-Program . . .  No Software . . . 

  At Any Cost . . . 

And The-Action-Images of Scripture More. 


The "Eyes of The-HEART" Institute Introduces

A Biblical-Learning-Revolution



When the "Eyes of Your-HEART" Become Enlightened You Can

STAND Where You Have Never Stood,

SEE What You Have Never Seen,

 EXPERIENCE Jesus Like Never Before. 


The-Glorified-Jesus Identifies Himself By Declaring:


"I Was Dead, But BEHOLD, I Am ALIVE Forevermore!"

(Rev. 1:18)


Hearts That SEE Jesus ALIVE say what He says. 



Daniel was shown the character of Those-Chosen

To bring in The-Final-Harvest.


How does the thought of being One of The-Chosen make you feel?


The-Parable of The-Sower reveals that Our-Reponse to The-Truth-About-Jesus 

Depends on the condition of Our-Hearts.

(Matt. 13, Mark 4, Luke 9)


If Our-Hearts are HARD, Satan steals The-Word.

If Our-Hearts are SHALLOW, Satan kills The-Word.

If Our-Hearts are DISTRACTED, Satan destroys The-Word.

(John 10:10)


Only Enlightened-Hearts produce harvest,

some hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.


Jesus said, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear."




The ONLY Source-of-Insight is

The-Light-of-God Shining in The-Face-of-Jesus.